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January 29th, 2017 by Flipgaze Team

Whatsapp will be rolling out new feature with the next update which includes tracking your friends’ location who are part a group, recall messages, and edit messages
How this works?
The geo tracking feature will be by default disabled which can be enabled to allow friends to locate you, which is really useful for the group members to gather at a common venue. Though why it’s been enabled for members of a whatsapp group and not peer to peer is not clear. Other features expected to roll out include the famous recall where you can recall a message sent before the other person reads it and also an opportunity to edit your response on a message which gives ample of opportunity to keep the conversation going by correcting the mistakes in real time giving more freedom in a messaging app.
The dynamics of features that whatsapp would provide its users represents and compliments the loyalty and user centric nature of an app that stays at the top in the market.
All said and done, it’s only a matter of time till we get that latest update to try hands on keeping an eye on your friend.



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February 2nd, 2016 by Flipgaze Team

Academy awards announced in the Microblogging website twitter that there are 13 new presenters at the 88th Academy Awards, the list includes Steve Carell, Priyanka Chopra, Quincy Jones, Byung bun Lee, Jared Leto, Julianne Moore, Olivia Munn, Margot Robbie, Jason Segel, Andy Serkis, J.K.Simmons, Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon.

Priyanka Chopra who won the hearts of many by her performance in Quantico TV series is presenting the awards at the Oscars for the very first time. The announcement at Twitter and her response is shown below


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January 22nd, 2016 by Flipgaze Team

Valentine’s Day as you know is celebrated across the world as a day for love on 14th Feb every year. The day which has the highest record sales of Greeting cards, Flowers and Chocolates is a day filled with joy and romance, but behind this celebration there are three heart melting stories which you might not be aware of. Today we are going to you to present to you the stories behind the Valentine’s Day celebration which is named after saints and bishops of the same name and also martyred on the same day.

Story Number One


This story dates back to the Roman Empire ruled by Claudius, where the ruler forbade the marriage of young soldiers, thinking that the soldiers without the ties of marriage and family served better in the army. Realizing the injustice toward the soldiers, priest Valentine continued to perform marriage of young soldiers and their beloved. Claudius sentenced Valentine to death for defying his rule.

Story Number Two


During the Roman era, Valentine helped Christians escape the torture and brutal treatment by the Romans because of which he was sentenced to death and during the period of his imprisonment he had fallen in love possibly with the jailers Daughter who used to visit him often. Before his death Valentine sent a greeting to the lady (jailer’s Daughter) signed “Your Valentine” which would be the first Valentine Greeting card!

Story Number Three 


This story involving St. Valentine remains a mystery till date except for some saying that St. Valentine spent his last days in Africa.

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December 29th, 2015 by Flipgaze Team

Richest man in China says he is not interested in money and considers that the title is a pain to carry around. He feels that the title has caused him to think that people approach him because of his stature and wealth. All that he ever wanted to be is as respected business man.

Mr.Ma expresses his praise and respect for the Apple’s products and how it has influenced to be the part of young generation’s lifestyle.He also says that there may be a collaboration of Apple store and Alipay-China’s leading third party online payment solutions which went public recently.

Success behind Alibaba:

Ma talks about the work culture in Alibaba. The transparency and trust with employees is the key for a successful business. Because if you want to work with smart people you have to be transparent and trust them. Working with stupid people pays you in the short term because they nod for whatever you say.

Jack Ma’s future plans:

Jack Ma says that a business should have responsibility towards society. And, for which he plans 10 years ahead for eliminating the cause of problems in China such as air, water pollution, mostly about Eco-system. He wants there to be less number of hospitals, drug manufacturers and doctors. He will focus on Health and Happiness business in next 15 years. Speaking about happiness Ma wants to build something that is as big as Hollywood in the field of entertainment for the people in china and also get into philanthropy.

Spending money is difficult than making it, because you have the responsibility to spend it effectively.”
– Jack Ma
(Founder and Executive chairman of

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December 28th, 2015 by Dishank Nayal

Click here to read the first part Opinion box – Morning hassle

Social network which is a tool that’s being extensively used has become an opinion box. How has social media changed the way we think about the world and the people living in it is a debatable topic…so we will save that for later. But how does living in an overcrowded nation affects our ‘opinion’ is pretty relevant to this topic.

Picture this, you are relaxed in your not so small apartment/house, you see a Facebook post related to some recent incident that shook the world in a very rude way. You have an urge to post something in the comments section but you give yourself time to think before you type. You can think with a clear head if you are not preoccupied by the ‘road rage’, if you didn’t have a fight with your neighbor or owner, if you are not living in a building where apartments are so small that you can hear your neighbor sneeze or scream.  This is from my personal experience, I was travelling standing in a overcrowded Delhi metro. As soon as I heard the announcement “Next stop Rajeev Chowk”, I assumed the stance of a Spartan Warrior, preparing myself for the sea of madness because when passengers gets in you can make out from their expression that they are shouting “This is Sparta!!!” in their minds. I was fine till RK Ashram Marg station, was reading an article about India’s GDP growth and as an Indian I felt good , I was about to post a comment, something like India is becoming a super power or a global leader , all positive basically. And after this Sparta scene, I was like ‘ no matter how much the GDP rises standard of living still sucks and we will still get crushed in a metro’. And in this maddening chaos everyone struggles to be heard, to be relevant, to have a voice. So the mobile phone becomes a weapon and your comments are the bullets. Dropping a bomb in the comments section and getting many likes, especially when it’s negative in nature and with context to the article.  It makes you feel strong that your comment is the most relevant and the best out of all the comments in this overcrowded comment section, and you just spoke against the topic. Friction is bound to happen, when you compress things, overload them, you push things to the break point. I heard someone say “People are being rude to others because they are lost in this ‘crowd’ and picking up a conflict and getting noticed is the only thing that makes them stand out”. I hope this statement will become false someday.

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December 22nd, 2015 by Dishank Nayal

Imagine a developed country. A country which is rated at the top in every metrics that qualifies the country as a peace hub by UN or similar organization.

The major factor that contributes to make this country so special is the open spaces. Open spaces as a result of better town planning, less population, abundant resources, etc. As a result of all these majority of cities have broader roads, less traffic signals, less traffic jams which will allow the people to reach their workplace in the same state of mind they left their homes, do their work and reach home to their families to spend the evening. Sounds like a perfect place to live. Absolutely yes.

Now, think of a developing nation such as ours. Incredible India!

We are not fans of open spaces. Of course, we are big hearted people but that doesn’t mean we should have big roads. It’s convenient that way. Why broad roads when you can have huge houses that occupies half of the roads? huh!

Looking at the literacy stats we can say almost most of us in the cities are working in corporate companies. We dress up well and leave to office, only to be stuck in traffic signal/jam in every junction. The sun comes out and brings along dust clouds. By this time you are sweating, sadly the traffic isn’t reducing. Your deodorant is not effective anymore, you may also look like you didn’t take shower in the first place. This is where you have to take doctors’ advice to reduce the intake of salt. Because salt increases blood pressure. You stuck in traffic, drenched in sweat cursing people or being cursed by them. After all the early morning drama you reach office and wish everyone “good morning”.

Ours is a nation that’s united (actually crowded). Road rage which is a common thing is a product of overwhelming crowd. Understanding the origin of rage is very simple, say suppose you live in a house which has narrow streets. If someone parks their car on either side of the street you can hear people fighting over parking space. Needless to say people fight over things such as garbage disposal, water flowing in front of their houses etc.

This Rage which is like water boiling in closed vessel and reached its boiling point should come out as steam through somewhere. Luckily we have social media as an exhaust to all this rage.

To be continued…….Read the second part here Opinion box – Morning hassle part – 2

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December 21st, 2015 by Flipgaze Team

Paleo diet is based on the foods presumed to be eaten by early humans, consisting mainly of vegetables, lean meat, fruit and seafood. Dairy, grains, processed foods/sugar, legumes, starches and alcohol are excluded.

The health benefits of this diet are:-

  1. Stable blood sugar levels
  2. Easy burning of stored fat
  3. More efficient workouts
  4. Reduced allergies
  5. Balanced energy throughout the day
  6. Clear skin
  7. Better teeth
  8. Improved sleep patterns

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December 21st, 2015 by Flipgaze Team

Honolulu, Hawaii-

Honolulu means sheltered harbour or calm port. It is famous for hosting a diverse variety of east-west and Pacific culture, cuisine and traditions. It is a major tourist destination situated on the island of Oahu, is the gateway to Hawaii and a gateway into the United States.

Lapland, Finland-

Salzburg, Austria-


Bath, England-

Barcelona, Spain-

New York-

Nuremberg, Germany-

Quebec City, Canada-

Reykjavik, Iceland-

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico-

Strasbourg, France-

Queensland, New Zealand-

Valkenburg, Netherlands-

Santa Claus, Indiana-



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December 12th, 2015 by Flipgaze Team

Baidu the largest search engine of China has built its own version of driver less car. In its effort it has a modified BMW 3 Series which has passed couple of tests in the speed range up to 100kmph in various environment over a 30 km route. Baidu is the pioneer in this segment in China and has shown promising future.

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December 12th, 2015 by Flipgaze Team

Now you can use Google Wallet app to send money to any phone number. The advantage is that the recipient need not have google wallet app. The google wallet app just sends a secure link to the recipient accessing which it will guide the recipient throughout the whole process.

By tapping that secure link, it will provide an option to enter their debit card number and the money will be available in their bank account within minutes.

With many E-payment solution apps coming up very frequently which has made their mark in the short period of time like freecharge, PayTM  Google as a internet giant has a tough competition in this segment.

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