How To Make Music: In 8 Steps

Step 1: Download a Digital Audio workstation which is very easy to use (like FL Studio).

Step 2: Pick a particular scale. Pick the chords you like(maximum 4 chords).


Step 3: Your song must contain: Bass, sub Bass, lead(instrument or vocals), envelope, chords at mid frequency, hooks at high frequency, and beats in general.

Step 4: If you want to make a pop song, arrangement of the song should be in this order: Intro, main A, Main B, outro. ( Its easier to understand this way)

Intro can contain a hook. If you plan to use a hook(vocal hook or instrumental hook) it should be catchy and must conform to one of the 4 chords you chose. Paste the chord of the hook to a base instrument and layer it on top. Add real instruments with same chord to make it fuller. Add a lot of reverb to it.

Transition to Main A.(with an impact sound or something)

Main A must contain all 4 chords. Try to come up with a tune(melody) that sounds right and conforms to the chords. Use and layer as many instruments as possible.

Transition to Main B. (use the hook too)

Main B must have the same chords(can skip one chord or interchange 2 of the chords) but melody(come up with a slightly different one) can be at a higher scale or lower scale compared to Main A.

You can go to Main A again and come back to Main B as many times as you want.

Outro: Gradually reduce the volume of each layer and mute the beats when the song nears the end.

Step 5: You can make the beats any way you want. Offbeat, onbeat or bit of both. But the bass drum must be in the key of the whole song.

Step 6: Sidechain everything at various levels except bass sub bass and beats.

Step 7: Mixing: adjust the volume of each instrument so that it blends together.

Step 8: Mastering: use any mastering tool available and compress the sounds that peaks. Make sure the highs and the lows in the waveform have small difference. This will make the song to have the same intended effect on a club system worth millions and a car stereo.

If you do it right, you might have the next chart topper!

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