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Silicon Valley – Season 4

The most epic and unique series in its genre. The new season of HBO original series Silicon Valley aired on 23rd of April. This show which is not only the funniest and hilarious geek TV series, but also shows the reality of life in Silicon Valley. The whole spectrum of a tech business is laid out and depicted at its best, which includes the engineers, founders, CEOs, VC firms and even the doctors who treat them.
Season 4 started with Pied Piper – the middle out compression company which got acquired by Bachmanity( the VC firm run by Erlich Bachman and Nelson ‘Big Head’ Bighetti) trying to get funding for its pivoted business Piper Chat. The team feels that their CEO Richard Hendricks is rebelling against the new platform, which starts a storm within the house. Richard gets an idea: New internet. What’s the new internet? Richard explains, “We put a man on the moon using the computing power of a handheld calculator, there is literally millions of times of computing power in my phone, there are billions of phones around the world, if we use all those phones to build a massive network supported by Middle-out-compression algorithm. A completely decentralised version of the current internet, it would also have no firewalls,no tolls and no regulation. Information will be totally free in every sense of the word”. The third person perspective of the tech industry continues.
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