Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

We all got a hint when a new Spider-Man was introduced as a member of Avengers in the third chapter of Captain America what we fans have seen. Sony pictures scraped The Amazing Spider-Man franchise with a new teen Spider-Man movie played by Tom Holland. Though Spiderman by itself is a great character, but is supported by Iron-Man in the new series which shows the collaboration of Marvel and Sony Pictures in business perspective.

There are couple of things that can be expected in the movie based on the short trailer that was released. The first and foremost is the amazing work on the costume: eye expression that can be seen in the suit and the wings that spread out when the Spidey goes for a big jump and the smart suit is customizable. The amazing action sequences, the dilemma and identity crisis based on the treatment by famous Tony Stark which will work as a basis on which Spidey evolves as a full-fledged superhero. In fact Andrew Garfield (who previously played Spider-Man) has expressed his best compliments on Tom Holland playing the new neighbourhood hero.

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