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Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

If you have seen the trailer of the latest movie of the series of Thunder God Thor by Marvel, there are a couple of things you would notice and make you raise your eyebrows. At first, you might like the new look of Thor with short hair . What you would also notice is the symbolic hammer Mjolnir shattered into pieces by Hela and the new characters which are played by well-known actors in the industry.
Cate Blanchett plays the character named Hela, a super villain who is the Asgardian goddess who rules over death, she is the child of Loki and the giant Angrbooa appointed by Odin. Throughout the trailer the characters seem scattered around the Universe over many realms, fighting their way. An action sequence anticipated by everyone is the gladiator style fight between Thor and Hulk on Ragnarok.
But how did Thor end up there? what happened to him? Is it a dream? Is Thor delusional? Will this Marvel movie maintain its standard awesomeness? The trailer surely has piqued everyone’s curiosity.
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